Type 2b / 2c, thick, low porsity, shoulder length, colour treated.

Type 2b / 2c, thick / dense, low porsity, shoulder length, colour treated.I am at the end of my tether [again!] with my hair. I've been following the curly girl method for about 4 years and I still haven't hit my stride.Every day is a new set of challenges: new products - work one day / don't work the next, diffuse works perfectly - doesn't work after a while, what products to use, spending a fortune testing various creams / gels / sprays to no avail.It's currently a thick frizzy mess and I'm not sure what to do next.  Any help would be awesome.  Most days I feel like crying...!  I leave the house thinking 'yeah, it looks o.k. today' but by the time I get to work it's horrible & I end up tying it up.[the picture attached is not so bad but you can see what i mean about frizz, volume & shapeless 'curl's]Sniff!

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Hi clarep, do you ever use protein treatments? When I was coloring my hair I felt the biggest difference in my hair after I used a protein treatment. I know you said your hair is low porosity but I would re-consider, as when you color your hair your cuticle is necessarily lifted to alter the melanin, causing color-treated hair to be high porosity. If you're not already doing this, I would incorporate a rich, deep conditioner and a strengthening protein treatment into your regimen and alternate between the two once a week. My hair feels softer and looks curlier when I do this consistently. If your regular products stop working, then you could try a clarifying shampoo at that point as you may have buildup that is preventing your products from doing their job. It's a great way to reset your hair and start with a blanks late. I like Elucence's https://shop.naturallycurly.com/elucence-volume-cl...And if you haven't done this lately, I would try getting a trim. When I get to that point where my hair just won't cooperate no matter what I do, a trim (from a stylist who knows what they're doing) can really help me get back in shape. I've definitely been where you described and these are the tricks that work for me, I hope this helps!
Thank you so much for the help & advice.I deep conditioned last week.  I didn't notice much of a difference afterwards, to be honest.  I also clarified recently but that makes my hair flyaway and frizzy and then I'm back to square one.I've done a protein treatment this evening, as I've never done one before.  I've just completed that and my hair feels like straw and very rough.  I've added KCKT leave-in and am plopping as we speak!Any other suggestions?  It doesn't feel like the protein treatment has given me a nice feeling... my hair is hard and knotty!
I forgot to ask, do you have any product recommendations for the rich, deep conditioner and a strengthening protein treatment you mention in your post?
Hi Clare,Sounds like we have the same type of hair. I just started CG in July (for the second time) and had no idea what I was doing and was trying to find my holy grail. I finally realized I was trying too hard instead of being encouraged with the things that were working. I started keeping a hair diary of what I did every day and how my hair looked at the end of the day. That way I saw progress and actually found my holy grail within a few weeks. Some of the things that have worked well for me include squishing in my leave-in products for two minutes each, plopping, doing very little diffusing and mainly just at the roots and then leaving my hair alone to dry on it's own the rest of the way. Recently I have been checking the dewpoint each day and using it as a guide to use either a humectant (between 40-60 degrees) or a moisturizing leave-in (all other dewpoint temperatures). My moisturizing leave-in is John Frieda Dream Curls, which also has cones, but it works for me and I love it. Hope these ideas help!Christine