Wash and go styling products?

I alternate between loving my waves/curls (anywhere from 2B to 3A, very thick hair, coarse, recently color treated for the first time and subsequently dry) and straightening/curling the heck out of them. I'm a busy student and am looking for a styling product that I can just run through my hair and leave. I used Herbal Essences Totally Twisted or Tousle Me Softly mousse for a long time and they both did the trick and air-dried beautifully. However, I'm hoping for a product that's a little more CG-friendly (sulfate-free and such) or maybe more moisturizing. Any suggestions? Any holy grail products out there? I'm really drawn in by the names I see on the site: KCCC, DevaCurl, SheaMoisture, Curl Junkie, etc. but I'm not sure if they're better suited for 3/4 hair instead of mine. Also, if at all possible, I would like something that's available in on-the-ground stores (Target, ULTA, etc.) 

1 Answer

DevaCurl and SheaMoisture are great brands for wavies too! And they're all CG friendly. My favorite Deva products are Light Defining Gel and the deep conditioner. SheaMoisture shampoo and conditioner are awesome. My favorite Curl Junkie product is the smoothing lotion, which you can use as a leave in. Don't be afraid to try products that are meant for type 3s and 4s! A lot of times those are my favorite. :)