Why do my waves/curls (type 2b) come out differently sometimes after I shower?

one day they'd come out more on the curly side One day they'd be more on the defined sideOne day they'd just be wavy with little curls and a little bit of frizzToday the top is kinda straight and the bottom is curly but like the waves start just about above and below my ears 

2 Answers

Penguin12, This is perhaps not the answer you want, but that's the life of a wavy-head. They're almost never the same day to day. Some days waves are defined, other days they are limp and lifeless. It just depends on the weather and how they're feeling. They have minds of their own. The best thing to do is accept it and try different styles to wear when you're not feeling your hair.
my hair is like that too. I have curly/wavy hair also and it differs from time to time. One day my hair is 3c curly on another day its 2c and lifeless. Just go with the flow.