Is this wavy or curly?

I'm trying to determine my hair type. After much research, I've decided to get microloop extensions ( because I HATE in between hair) since, I've decided to grow my hair long.. but I want to get as close to my natural texture as possible, so that I can avoid heat styling as I grow it out..Thanks for any help, tips or suggestions!

2 Answers

Do you brush or straighten your hair a lot? If this is your hair in its true state, I'd say 2C. Otherwise, it may be 3A once your curls bounce completely back.
Well,  I USED to straighten it daily.. although its healthy, I did want to go back to my natural curly state.. so I cut it in a shape that I thought would be better for the the curls and  in its curly state, I'll only use my fingers to comb it thru.. it used to be really bad, where I thought it had lost all its curl.. so you think it could be a 3A  with more moisture or hair masks possibly? My plan is to grow another inch or two, then get microloop extensions that would allow me to go curly all the time..  Your opinion about this please?