Wavy hair, but my texture is 3. I'm growing it out from a relaxer. I am a 3a. Help!! I need info to!

My texture is that of a 3, but I definitely have waves! Confirmed by many hairstylist. My hair is thick. I need products that work! I never see suggestions or pictures.  I am growing it out of a relaxer.  I got a relaxer to help make it more manageable. There are great products now, but I never really hear anything about my hair type. Its either curly, fine and wavy or coils. Well there is this type as well and we need help.  I need help.  If I grow this out what can I do!

3 Answers

If your hair is wavy, then your hair is considered a 2. The thickness of your hair would either be considered simply thick or coarse. 3 refers to hair with a curl pattern. Mainly, I would focus on how you're treating your hair. Thick hair in general can be a hassle, but I wold try and focus on things like high and low porosity. You can figure this out under the "hair types"  link and it may help you find out what your hair responds more too.
Hi Linda,Do you remember what your hair type was before the relaxer? The reason I ask is because the relaxer will no doubt have an effect on your hair type. So you may have type 2 hair now, but as you grow it out longer it will become tighter coils. The best thing to do is look at your hair type right out of your scalp, and not at the ends. 
Here is a picture of my wavy hair so you can get an idea of what I am talking about.  If I put pudding or custard in the weight is good, but it kind of ruins most of the waves.  It does control the puffiness.  Gel definitely helps the definition, but is so drying.