What is the correct way to go Natural?

2A-Medium density,high porosity,fine. Just recently Hennaed my hair out of frustration, so I dont have to resort to "THE BIG CHOP", Im on Dr. Bronners Shikaki Tea Tree shampoo, but dont know what to do about conditioning, Ive tried "Homemade Rinses"- dont detangle, "Dr. Bronners Rinse"- strawlike results, HELPPP! please

3 Answers

Search this website for "transitioning" ....  you'll find tons of information and advice. 
It will take time to get away from "strawlike" hair. It's important to be patient, deep condition once a week, and properly moisturize your hair. Lots of people love using coconut oil. Have you tried that? 
Have you tried the Beautiful Curls line? If you're into natural products, the ingredients are very pure. I buy them at Whole Foods market.