what kind of hair products can i use to make my very coarse hair better?

according to the quiz i took, i have type 2b hair. it seems pretty accurate. my good friend does my hair and is going to beauty school for it. the times i have gone to her she says my hair is very very coarse and it has the "African-American" texture. other hair stylists have told me that my hair doesn't like water and it almost repels it. when it's wet it's just fine, but as soon as i dry it, it is just crazy. frizzy, bushy, dry and it flat out seems like i have a magnet over my head, lol. i know i won't be able to change my hair type, i just want suggestions on how to make it look and feel better.thank you for your help!

4 Answers

Have you tried different products? Same results? Sounds like some ingredient isn't reacting well. 
what do you mean by "better". be more specific.
I think your are smart to first identify your hair type, then find the right product.  I have to ask what you mean by better?  Easier to manage?  A good site that can direct you to what you need for your type of hair is HairCareTips
Oh okay. So first of try detangling your hair with conditioner in the shower so it wont be as fizzy and bushy. And olive oil is good for your hair but don't use to much or it'll way your hair down.