What should I do about the naturally straight bottom layer of my hair?

Like most people with type 2C hair, the bottom half of my hair is very straight and i think it looks weird when i let my hair air dry. I there anything i can do to make it look less straight or more normal?

3 Answers

I know my hairdresser just added some small layers to my hair and that seemed to help. Also, there are these Deva clips that you could use to clip up the bottom layer as it's drying to try and encourage the curl. Otherwise, I think it's pretty normal.
You could add apply a stronger hold product to the bottom layer (when wet) and then scrunch it with your fingers - scrunching always helps me to encourage the curl. Have you tried using a diffuser? That can also help give you more body and wave. 
The previous answers, while good, won't be enough if you have hair like mine.  You may need as much as 2 inches cut from the bottom layer (undercutting, it's called).  I've had more success going to specialists in curly hair.  Other stylists never believe that they really need to cut off so much of the straight part to make it come out even and not have that stupid underlayer hanging out.  (Often on top I get actual ringlets, so my hair is quite variable -- 2c/3a).