Why won't my hair wave or curl anymore?

So my hair used to naturally be very wavy curly. Not to mention if I curled my hair it would hold. Now that I have moved from Texas to Minnesota for college my hair is completely limp. It wont hold curls for more than an hour even if I use product. I have done the recommended layering haircut to make sure that my hair was not being weighted down. I have tried deep conditioning treatments, I have tried training my hair to curl, I have even tried deep cleansing treatments. I'm just sad because I used to be able to wake up and go with beautiful hair. I have tried a cleansing shampoo once a week and I have also changed shampoo's to a tea tree mint that I only use every other day. I have not changed any of my medications, I have not dyed my hair, and I rarely use any heat products. This is my last ditch effort hoping I can revive my hair.

3 Answers

Few people their hair actually changes shape and texture on its own and its not just because of the weather.Scientists dont know how this happens but they think it has to do with genetics hormones and body chemistry.Many peoples hair can go from curly to straight but it could also be due to heat damage so therefore you need to cut off all your damaged hair little at a time to start back growing your curls.
Hi Mehomey96, Transition2Long is correct, sometimes genetics and hormones can be at play here. However, the biggest change that I see is your move from Texas. Not sure what the weather in Minnesota is like, but I live in Texas and know how mild it can be. Example, here in Texas it's about 61 degrees right now and very sunny (don't mean to rub it in!). I imagine Minnesota is very cold right now. This can have a direct impact on your hair. Winter always flattens waves and can leave them straight as an arrow. I say ride it out till spring and see if your waves come back. OR, perhaps look at the ingredients in your hair products to see if you can make changes to your hair regimen. This is an excellent article about weather and hair products that can teach you what to use and what not to use.  Good luck! P.S. I know how frustrating it can be to lose your curls in the winter. :( If all else fails, embrace the straight hair! It's beautiful too!
your body changes through time. so does your hair for sure. but i saw you mentioned "deep conditioning." and "product" be careful with that. conditioners contain ceteryl alcohol and silicones that build up on your hair. the more you use that the more that could be making the problem worse. if not a clarifying shampoo  then try equal parts salt and conditioner. or perhaps a sea salt spray. (both?)