Is my hair type 2c or 3a?

So, hello everyone! I am wondering whether my hair type is 2c or 3a? Can you please help me? Thanks! I am starting the CG routine. Hope it works for me! Now it goes in every single direction, which is a lot annoying. I usually shampoo my hair and then I put a little oil on it(coconut or agave). Now I am going to change it! 

2 Answers

2c because I see a mixture of waves and curls. Since you're starting the CG method tho it can define you curls more in the long run resulting to 3a curls
The main difference between 2c and 3a is one is way and the other curly. Usually curly hair you have it since birth and it is a very uniform texture all over. Wavy you get it usually after puberty it isn't uniform all over, you have a mix of waves and curls.I'll say 2c because you have some waves, and curls in there but mainly because it doesn't start from the root, your hair curls an inch or two from the root, and if you cut it short, it maybe less curly. With a 3a it curls from the root and at any length it will curl.Anyway it doesn't matter if 2c or 3a, you hair porosity, thickness and density are more helpful for a better care.