"What IS this?" I keep grabbing chunks of my hair and asking this question, please help?

My hair is an enigma. None of the Hair Types specified by the chart that is so kindly provided on this site seem to apply to my very mysterious locks. So here's the deal: I have baby fine hair that used to curl up in small-ish ringlets (think, 3b) until I started high school, at which point I began straightening my hair with a chi flat iron, because that's right around the time when there was that huge leap in flat iron quality and I was charmed by having my curls go straight without turning into a "curl patty" as my equally curly headed mother used to call it. From there it was a downhill, crash-and-burn style hell for my hair. There were years of color over color over color. Two bleaching sessions. Color Oops. A pregnancy. Curling wands and flat irons and crimpers. Just madness and mayhem. At first, my curl pattern fought the good fight. I would watch hours of tutorials on YouTube about creating different hairsyles with chemicals and heat and complicated assortments of twists and clips. I would try them on myself and my curls would say, "bitch, please!" and do what they wanted to do, stubbornly refusing to listen to reason or to screamed threats that I would burn them all off if they didn't stay the way I put them.Eventually, though, my curls grew weak and sick. They began to give in, to lay limp and lifeless, or flatten altogether. When I noticed that they were tiredly packing their bags, everything came to a screeching halt and I began furiously back pedaling in an attempt to keep them around. So it always seems to go, amirite?They have been "meh" about it. I have nursed my hair most of the way back to health and wouldn't clamp my sickly curls between the unforgiving jaws of a flat iron if my life depended on it. I mean it - if someone held a gun to my head and ordered me to flat iron my hair, I would actually tell them to just kill me. So anyway, long story short, my curl pattern is different now. It's a complicated assortment of "tight waves" that look like this: sssss, and half hearted ringlet curls, mostly in the middle of my hair, like around my ears. The top of my hair and my bangs (fringe) is like, 1A. Very loose, billowy, undefined, "almost straight" waves. So it's that mixture of textures, with the individual hairs being very fine and high porosity, and the overall thickness of all my hair together being relatively low (very thin on top, thicker from the ears down, very difficult to volumize). When I was much younger (around 14 or so) before my hair gave up, I would apply a thick, goopy gel out of a huge tub to my air dried, "virgin" hair, and the results were something I'd give my life for now. Nowadays, my hair does well with a leave-in, and a light puffy mousse, but tends to go flat/frizz with just that combo of products. I'm wondering: a) if there is a way to get my ringlets to come back, and if so, WHAT IS IT I BEG OF YOUb) what type of hair I have nowc) what products should I be using to "activate" my curls and keep them activated foreva.Thank you, lovely community of curly heads! 

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I'm a newbie in this so I can't be of much help. It seems to me you need a fresh start, I would cut it as short as you feel confortable; I see your ends are straight and that's probably because of damage so get the trim if you don't want to go short. Take the advantage of your mixed pattern, for example your bangs it looks good straight and you can easily style it.  It's hard to say what type of hair you have, it looks in  the 3 spectrum but it looks like something is stretching your curls, so they are not bouncy and springy. That might be lack of protein or moisture and some damage. So the best you can do at the moment is follow the CG method, trim it and try to figure out your hair porosity, density and thickness, based on these you will have a clue on which products to use and finally it will reveal its true pattern, which is still there waiting to come back.