2a or not?

I think it looks straight. But when I take/cut one strand, it definitely is not straight, it's all wavy. My hair looks pretty straight with couple of waves to it. And my hair also has A LOT of frizz. Why do I have this, since I think I have straight hair? I can see there is some kind of wave in it, but if I EVER brush it it will disappear, but when it gets messy (like in 5 mins) it gets a little wave back. My hair gets really tangled in the shower and I can almost never run my fingers through it.Also, I hear that my hair looks a lot thicker than it is. I don't have thin hair, but I have a lot of volume to be a ''straight haired'' girl. Some friends tell that I'd have wavy hair, but idk if I believe them. My hair holds curls and waves very well. It also feels dry all the time, and it WILL get frizz really easily. My hair also has ''lift'' as I call it. When I pull my hair down, it's about 0.5 inch longer than it looks when it's in its natural position. What do I do? Do I have wave or not, I'm really confused.and yes I know those are bad photos I didn't have anything else atm

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