Is this 2c or 3a?

I don't think I have 2c hair because my hair is pretty fine, not coarse at all. Also my hair does straighten well and holds a style, unless it is raining or something crazy with humidity. I just don't know if I am 2b or 3a!Thanks in advance! I am a 13 year straightener finally learning to love my curls and let them be! I haven't straightened or used the blow dryer in over a month, but I'm definitely a newbie to styling curly!

1 Answer

It looks like a 2b but you with the proper care of your hair your patter may get curlier. I was a teen when my hair started curling and it took me 2 years to go from a 2a to a 3a. That was because I had to cut it short and I didn't know how to style it, but I think if you follow the CG method your hair pattern may get curlier. For now is not important to determine where in the spectrum you fall but to know hair thickness, density and porosity to stat finding product and styling ways.