2C or Type 3?

Hey, I'm looking to find out my hair type (I'm not sure the pictures will be of much use). I can't really tell seeing as it's quite short at the moment but underneath tends to be more ringlet-like and on top it's wavy/loose curls. It frizzes easily and I end up putting too much holding moose in it when it's wet because I get panicked that half way through the day I'll end up with triangular hair and crunchy hair is always better than the former! I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent conditioners for my hair type/length as well. I'm attempting the no-poo method but I'm not sure whether this is a bad idea as I used to have seborrheic dermatitis pretty badly on my scalp. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

1 Answer

You are a 3A. I can't help with the products since I use european brands. I'm a 3B and the no poo method did not work for me, when only using conditioner to wash my hair my scalp was itchy the second day, and my hair looked greasy.