3 curl types? Having trouble finding the right products

I seem to have several types of curls. I'm thinking 2C/3A/3B. is this normal?  It also seems to depend on the day ( I live in Florida and the temperature and humidity this time of the year can be very fickle)How do I best choose products for my hair type. Though It looks like I have a lot of hair, I really don't. After I wash and my hair dries it's light, airy, soft and bouncy, with TONS of movement. By the next day, it's heavy, dry and matted. I never had this much trouble before and it seems to be getting worse. I currently use EV Coconut Oil and a small amount of Pure Shae butter in my hair and I can not seem to keep the moisture in my hair, I do Not dry my hair with any tools and only "dab" with a towel to keep it from dripping every where. I apply my products while it is wet.  The pic is freshly washed and dried. By the next day there is no getting through the mess :-(

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