3b curls at the front, 2c waves at the back

I'm a multi textured curly and have a mixture of 2c/3a/3b curl patterns. What annoys me most are the 2c waves on the back of my head they are flat and well..wavy; while I have defined 3a/3b curls in the front. Can I eventually get the waves to become curly and bouncy like the front of my hair? 

1 Answer

Maybe you can, I haven't been able to do it. My front and sides are ringlets a mixed between 2c/3a the back top layer however is a 2b and the underneath layer is again that 2c/3a. So my hair makes ringles all over except on the back top layer. It look great only if you don't see the back of my head. I've tried many things. What seems to work is apply product on damp hair and with a brush twist each strand and let them dry. So all will be ringlets, or the other way around not let them make ringlets and open them so all my hair is a solid 2b. A layered haircut helps. In my case since the bottom layer is curly having layers helps bring those out and make the others not so apparent. I'll recommend to get a dry cut. I recently did and the stylist made my 2b to curl more, it won't change the pattern but will help you have a more uniform look.If you do find a way to curl them do tell me :)