Can you have 3c hair that doesn't grow into an afro?

I'd like to figure out what my hair type is. My hair seems to grow really close to my scalp instead of into an afro. I can make my hair afro-ish but it doesn't look like a style it just looks like my hair is messy and I need to comb it down because it doesn't stand like that naturally like other people's hair. It's a little over an inch in length and I always see people with type 3c hair their curls start growing up and out and then down. And also my hair doesn't really make a full curl, it's more wavy, but they are tighter waves than what is considered wavy hair so I'm confused. Can type 3c hair grow close to the scalp, even when long?

1 Answer

Some people's hair grows up and some people's hair grows down. Some people have an afro and others don't so fake it. It all depends on your genetics.  I suggest you ask older family members who are blood related to you and were around in the 70's whether they had afros. This will give you a clue to what your hair can and can't do and help you work with your hair instead of fighting it.