Is someone able to help me find my hair type?

I've been doing the curly girl method for about 2 months. I have very fine hair that is more wavy on the top with a few ringlets underneath. The top is pretty damaged from previous bleach but it's beenough getting better since doing CG. I started going to a new salon that is just for curly hair...they are Deva certified and use all their products...and taught me the wet to set method and how to use all the products.I find when I scrunch the moisture out of my hair it is really defined and curly...and looks like ringlets. Then when I scrunch out the gel cast I pretty much lose all curl on the top layer and it goes pretry flat and wavy. Any ideas for this? Also I'm not even sure what my type per the handbook it seems like I have Cherub or 2B hair...I'm really not sure.Currently Co washing with DevaCare one condition...styling with Deva frizz free foam and gel on the ends...and finishing with Deva set it free spray. Here are some photos. Thanks for your help :)

2 Answers

I just started using the DC Foam with really good results. I've had it for a while and didn't care for it before b/c it's all in what you pair things with and how you cocktail products. I cannot stress how helpful keeping a hair journal has been for me. Try eliminating one product or reducing  an amount or switching the order. I follow the CG method and use a little DC Curl Cream followed by the DC Foam, scrunch out the wet w/ a T-shirt and then add a dash more Foam b/c I fear the blotting of the t-shirt removes too much product. I focus that bonus pump on my straighter parts and am really careful not to change or disrupt my clumps. I partly smooth it on and scrunch it in. I found the DC Curls dragged my hair down and every gel I've tried always became too soft after I scrunched out the crunch. So, I feel ya there! I found the Set It Free Spray to be very difficult to use and many of the YouTube videos about it were not glowing. It's a very tricky product. Do you ever wash with anything besides One Condition? You do need a cleanser or you could be getting build up. Co-washing is great for in between actual cleanses but can't replace the need for actual shampoo of some sort on some type of interval---especially for fine wavies like us. My recommendation: Wash w/ a sulfate free or low sulfate shampoo. Use OC, leave a little in or add a smidgen as a leave in. Use the DC Foam 2-3 pumps. Scrunch out the wet w/ a T-shirt. Add a 1/2 to 1 pump of Foam in front and top. Diffuse. Use clips for root lift. Fluff and go! Let me know what you figure out.
Thanks so much! I'll try it out ❤