What is my actual hair type?

I am transitioning from heat damage and the top section of my hair is 3A/3B, the middle section is wavy and my bottom section of hair is for the most part straight. Is there anyone out there dealing with this and is there any way to fix this or do i just have to be patient for all my hair to become one texture?

1 Answer

Patience (hair vitamins like Biotin 5000) and some hair trimming are the best answers. In the meantime while you are growing it, adopting a better hair routine is super important. I recommend following the Curly Girl Method (eliminates, sulfates in shampoo and silicones in all products amongst other recommendations--buy the book or look it up online). Don't wash every day. When you do wash see if you can wash with a light conditioner between actual shampoo days. And do not use silicones (words that end in -xane, -conol, -cone) b/c it is like plastic on your hair. It will make it feel smooth but it will keep moisture out and curls and damaged hair need lots of moisture. If you are not familiar with Shea Moisture products I would look into switching to them. They are fairly reasonably priced and there are always Bogo sales at the drugstores and Ulta for them. They have several lines - I'd look into the Coconut and Hibiscus, the Yucca and Plantain and the Jamaican Black Castor Oil lines. That should help. Also, protective styling like braids, twist outs and things that can style your hair without heat and try to get uniform shape to the whole length of your hair will be useful as you grow it too.