African American Hair: What hair type is this?

hi, I am going to attach a picture below in the picture I have two different textures and curly patterns the roots are thick and the ends are a straight wavy look . My hair is not relaxed I do not relax the ends at all only the perimeter(edges).Looking at the picture is it normal or does it look like damage to you, should I cut some hair off? and most importantly what curl pattern is this that I have ? Answers are greatly appreciated thanks !

2 Answers

It may just be your hair, but I would definitely think the ends are damaged. They remind me of the ends of my hair which are relaxed (I'm transitioning) ; maybe you've accidentally gotten relaxer on them? DO you starighten them because then they might be heat damaged. Also, if I had to pick, I'd say you were a 4b. Maybe a little bit of 4a mixed in. Your hair (minute the ends) kind of reminds me of Evelyn(fromtheinternts)'s.
It looks like either scab hair or  heat damaged ends, probably either one of those two I would suggest looking into it more. :)