Am I a 2C?

So first question do men actually come on this site?  I feel a bit self conscious.  I think I am a 2C but my hair is short and never been long so I can't tell for sure. My hair is thick, coarse, it has curls when it gets longer but is wavy when short cropped.  It tends to get really big or puffy without any gel.  When gelled the (when my hair is longer) it will curl up and stay stuck to my head unless I break the Gel up (I think this is what ladies call scrunching lol).  I think based on this I am a 2C.  Thoughts?

1 Answer

No need to be self conscious, we're glad you're here! It looks like you could be right about 2C judging from your photo and description. You can take the quiz to confirm too if you like When your hair curls and stays close to your head we call that "shrinkage," and breaking up the curl and the product by gently rubbing your fingers just at the roots can help prevent the crunchy look that a lot of curly haired people get with product. Hope that helps!