please answer!!

help! when I was younger my hair was super curly and once I turned like 6 it started getting wavy (my hair got longer, everyone says they think the curls got weighed down). now I'm 13 and my hair is pretty wavy and if I scrunch it while it's wet shorter peices will become curly. I wanted to know if there's anyway to make my hair curly again or if it will change since I'm going through puberty and a lot of people have said their hair changed during puberty 

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Hi, when you scrunch your hair, will it remain curly, or does it go back to wavy when it dries? have you used any heat tools, or anything similiar? I reckon that it became wavy because the curl pattern often tends to be looser if it's either damaged, or weighed down. Are you transitioning? have you gone for the big chop? Since you are going through puberty, the curl pattern may have changed, but it will be gradually changed. Did your hair ever return to super curly before puberty?Not everyone that goes through puberty, has a changed curl pattern. I am the same age as you and I too, am going through puberty. But I have not seen any difference.