Does anybody else have 3 different curls pattern and textures?

Hi everybodyI am curious to know if anybody else has, like me, different curl pattern with different textures. The nape (back of my hair) towards the half of my head + sides, starts from bone straight (2a maybe) moving to slight curls, S shapes ( 2b maybe) while is very soft to the touch , shinny, rarely holds a curl properly and never ever frizzy. Now the canopy , more like the other half, is starting to form waves from the root ( still soft and shinny ) going to the top where it really gets curly, from the root to the end where thers always ringlest at the ends. ( 2c or 3a maybe ?not sure ) This part will always be extremly freezy and dry.I have been straightening my hair since forever but I stopped in march , so about half a yr ago when I swiched to noo poos products. I love the top part where the curls are the most defined but I can not find a routine to help with diff texture and curl pattern. If I conditon enough to help the freezy top ( and it works ! )the curls are lovely but the bottom half is greasy before it gets a chance to dry even, then if I don't condition enough the top would be frizzy as hell. By the second day the top would flatten a bit while the difference  doesn't look that ridiculously. I do home made protein masks monthly, I condition every time, I use a hair mask one time a week and whenever I have the chance ( 1 time/10days) I would do hot oil mask which I always leave it overnight. I was my hair every 2 to 3 days. Shampoo: Avalon Organics citroen, conditioner and mask: some Schwarzkopf products that are with no silicones. After washing I would cut open a vit E capsule and run it through or a bit of coconut oil, then I spray with Aloe vera Seven Minerals -skin body and hair - and use the tiniest drop of Cantu moisturizing cream. I alwasy let it air dry. I plop and  scruntch.Really sorry for the long post :(  If I missed something let me know. Ohh my hair is like colarbone lenght so like a bob.Pls help! 

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