Is There a Big Difference Between 2b and 2c?

I have had quite the hair journey. I started out a 2a when I was using silicone products and washing everyday with sulfate shampoos. When I removed silicone products and extended my wash days I realized how curly my hair is. I assumed I was 2b, but then I read the 2c description and it seems like me too.My hair is: Armpit length, with some waves and loose curls. When I  diffuse it gets curlier but inevitably by the end of the day is wavier. I always thought my hair was fine and dense but a hair analysis revealed it is fine and medium, with some coarse hairs on my top layer. The top layer of my hair is very frizzy. The bottom layer is very shiny, and the curls are somewhat tighter/better formed, but smaller in size. I think my mom is a 2c because as described on this website her top layer of hair is quite curly, and her bottom layer is about straight.

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