Can someone please help me type my hair?

The picture I attached is my hair today. I pretty much wash my hair daily. This morning I washed with Pantene Co-Wash cleansing conditioner brushed it through with my Denman brush (love it), rinsed, and got out of shower. I then put some Moroccan Argan Oil by Organix on it, then a  tiny dab of defining curls custard by Pantene just on the ends. After that I wrapped it in a tee and got dressed. When I unwrap it its still pretty damp, I shake it, slap a headband on and just let it fully dry by air as I drive to work. I live in Mississippi and that doesn't take long during these months. Sorry so detailed but I wanted to give an idea so someone can better answer my question. Also can someone give me some tips on hair styles and products for my hair type? Thanks yall!

4 Answers

Beautiful hair! Sounds like you have a great regimen! I think your hair type is a 4a...maybe a 3c. It looks like you have different textures all around your head (very pretty!) so you're probably the best one to answer. This site has a quiz that you can take to see. Does that help? Hair Type Quiz
you definitely have 4A type hair, its gorgeous.
Looks like 3C/4A for sure! Beautiful hair.
check out these articles for you hair type: