Can you have different curl patterns as you move down the same strand of hair?

I have thick wavy hair with a lot of volume. The hair closest to the scalp has tight waves (and tends to frizz) but mid-shaft it changes to a looser wave (and is much smoother). Then the last few inches are very loose and there are also the rare straight locks hiding in there. Does my hair air-dry this way because the heat from my scalp is making the hair closest to it wave/curl up more? I used to flat iron and dye my hair so is this just from damage? Or is it that the curl pattern actually changes as you move down the hair shaft?And even if you don't have an answer but you experience the same thing, please let me know so I won't feel like weirdo, lol.

3 Answers

Yes it's possible, very common actually. It is what my hair is like also.  My hair is very frizzy and 3b at the root but changes to 3a lower down and in some sections 2c. I find curl creams tend to even it out a little and perhaps twirling the hair around you fingers just to encourage some curl could help. I am not really sure why it happens and it is possible it is created from heat damage, depending on how often you use heat, but it may just be that the ends of your hair have become stretched over time. A trim may help to change this, it has worked for me in the past. Hope this helps!
Totally normal! Don't worry about it! :) 
Thanks ladies!