Can you help me with my hair?

Hi my name is Lexi and I have had made one bad hair choices that had ruined my hair when i was 15-16. I am jamaican and chinese and I have a few questions for you. Can you help me with my curl type? Also i have been going back and forth from straightening my hair and keeping it natural only because I have a love hate relationship with my hair. In these pics i used my normal conditoner and the marc Anthony's stritcly curld lotion and diffused my hair. I am a college student pn a budget and dont want to try so many products especially expensive ones. What i have used and had no such luck with are miss jessies, mixed chicks, curls products, carols daughter, and kinky curly. None of the productd has given me the courage I need to go outside in my natural hair. I get annoyed give up and go back to straightening its a vicious cycle for me. Please help me with in expensive products I can hopefully find in walmart or beauty suppy stores. I live in Toronto Canada. Also my hair soaks up water and products like a sponge and i feel i have to apply alot of product in order to get curl definition and no poof. Please help me I feel like straightening is the only way to go and i dont want to keep doing that. Thank you for your time!

1 Answer

Have you tried the Andalou products... they are natural and so good....