Can't figure out my hair type--part wavy, part curtly, coarse and very big/frizzy--what is it?

My hair is very thick, dry, rather coarse, good amount of curl especially underneath, lots of frizz, with a tendency to become huge.  It does not naturally form defined coils...I don't think it could be a 4 but some kind of huge & coarse 2-3.  

1 Answer

Often when hair is so dry and frizzy there are no defined curls in sight! So first start taking care of your hair. No straightening, blow-drying or excessive tugging. Deep condition once a week and use lots of leave in conditioner. Also use some styling product. Something really condition would be good. I recommend the Shea Moisture Curl and Style milk or the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Once your hair gets healthier and less frizzy you should have defined curls and then you can figure out what hair type you have.