Can't Identify My Hair Type

Hey! I'm new to this site, and I joined because I thought it was time to appreciate and care for my hair in its natural state. I've been natural for four years after transitioning from a perm (in which I cut off my permed ends and started growing my hair out). Recently, I've been going to a stylist who washes and straightens my natural hair once a month, but I've found that this routine has left my hair with severe heat damage on the ends. It also doesn't help that my scalp dries easily, but I'm worried that if I added moisturizing products to my hair while it's straight, it will get super oily.I have a friend who's been kind enough to flat twist my hair when I want to wear it natural, but I don't want to impose on her anymore. I want to learn how to care for my hair myself, but that would require knowing what hair type I have.The image is a picture of what the strands of my hair look like more towards the root. The thing hair literally drinks water, and it is very, very thick (more so at the roots). It would be great if someone could identify this hair type for me. *A little side note is that I'm Guyanese and mixed with Indian and African American so my hair seems to have the traits of both.Thank you!

1 Answer

Looks like a mix of 3c 4A. I need more pics to tell.... Also for me curly hair equals drought. Ha, you have to find a great moisturizer and of course LOC method for moisture retention. I think its awesome that you are going to learn how to flat twist. I've been natural for a "while" and I STILL don't know how.