How to care for a SPONGY hair texture (not silky, not cottony), with fine strands and high density?

So my hair is 3c in the front, majority is 4a, and the very back is 3b. It is high porosity, high density, but I have fine strands. My texture is also not cottony, nor is it silky, it's spongy. It is very difficult to maintain because:- I have so much hair but I'm not sure how careful I need to be because each strand is so thin. Right now I have a problem with breakage but no one can tell because I have so much hair. It dries VERY quickly and a lot of people that do my hair don't understand it; they look at my hair like "Wow your hair is so thick *tugs and pulls* when in actuality my strands are still so fine. My hair loves liquid and LIGHT cream conditioners and leave ins. BUT I have to put so much on for my hair to feel soft or basically like it isnt dry.- I also have trouble styling because my texture is spongy and I don't know much about that due to the lack of information on it. No one really speaks on spongy hair, just silky or cottony. My hair does not feel like cotton. It also doesnt feel like silk LOL. My hair is soft but it really is like the texture of a sponge as far as appearance. - My hair is high porosity, so it dries really quickly without productbut with it (like after a wash when I'm LOC'n) it takes forever to dry which is normal. It sucks up moisture just as quickly as it loses it. But I am so afraid to do a protein treatment because I'm not sure if that's really the problem.Contrary to the belief that all 4s love heavy butters etc, my hair enjoys very little. If any. Idk if it's because of my fine strands making it feel heavy or not but I feel like I have two choices: Use a bunch of liquid leave in and a cream and have my hair feel soft and hydrated but heavy OR Use a lot of liquid leave in and a small amount of cream or butter and have my hair feel light BUT dry and not moisturized.- I also have a child to care for with the same hair sigh lol.HOW can I manage so much hair with such fine strands??? Should I skip heavy butters and limit protective styling and manipulation? And omg does ANYONE KNOW about spongy hair? lol thanks. I realize this was 24823947 questions.

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