Confused about hair porosity

I am sitting here watching my hair strands sit on top of a cup of water, and they have been sitting there at least 30 minutes with no sign of sinking to the bottom.  This means I have low porosity hair, right?  Well, when I wash my hair, it dries so quickly I have to usually spray it before I can finish twisting or rolling it.   After it's set, it takes forever to dry, but if its loose it dries quickly.   This is confusing.   Does this happen to anyone else?

1 Answer

Good afternoon VeeHx,I think the best way to gage your porosity is by observing how long it takes your hair to absorb water and how long it takes for your hair to dry. My hair is low porosity and therefore takes more than 24 hours to dry and only requires or behaves well with thin, lightweight moisturizers. Those with high porosity strands tend to use thicker products or layer more products to sustain the moisture. I hope this helps,Amanda