Confused on Hairtype. 2B/2C/3A?

So my current hair started as chemo curls although I've had curly/wavy hair all my life before (although it was pretty damaged and not well taken care of because I knew nothing about hair before). Anyways when my hair started growing back I believe it was very much 3A but as it's gotten longer I've started questioning my hair type. I know it's pretty dense and my hair width is thin. It gets weighed down very easily and overly moisturizing it has been a reoccurring problem. I'm often flat on top but I'm not sure if that's because how I currently style it or from getting weighed down with moisture or buildup. When I last got it cut my hairdresser was able to get my hair to curl all the way up to the root but I can't seem to do it myself. (I comb my hair after  I shower so maybe that's it?)I've attached pictures from when I've diffused my hair and when it was last cut (and curled to the root). 2B doesn't seem curly enough but I'm not so sure about 3a either. I keep wondering if it's just how I'm styling my hair that's making it look a certain way. I currently comb my hair out of the shower, scrunch soaking wet with gel and then put it up in a microfiber twistie turban and diffuse or air dry. 

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