Could you help me find my exact hair type & what products for well defined lasting curls? Thanks!!

My hair gets very dry easily. I would like something that holds in moisture as well as gives me defined curls. I have tried every product imaginable. I am willing to try them again if maybe there is a different technique I should use. Thanks in advance!

3 Answers

I would say that you are between 3A and 3B. Product wise your hair from the picture look very good and defined so I don't think stylers is much of a problem but I understand when it comes to dryness where your coming from. I would try deep conditioning every week and when you style your hair add a light moisturizer before adding your stylers. If you want extra moisture you can lock in the moisturizer with an oil like coconut oil, aloe vera, jajoba, or olive oil. Hope it helps 
I too need help finding my hair type.  Spent tons on use. Swelling and frizzy twist ours and flat twist.  Don't  know how long I can go like this. 
Fabulous hair. Looks like 3C to me, going by this: