What in the crap is this?!

No idea what I'm working with...I know it's low porosity - 6 hours since wetting and scrunching out water with DevaCurl towel, and still damp. I used to think I had straight hair - currently on day 5 of CG method. Some days my hair has been almost curly, some very wavy, and others just limp. I've been co-washing (twice) and one low-poo. Products either feel heavy, or my hair stays crunchy. I have some actual ringlets underneath (next to ears, near nape of neck) but mostly waves. I find it's very easy to pull out any curl. I'm trying to be patient, but as someone who dried, curled, and Velcro-rocketed my hair into submission for years, my patience is wearing thin. 

2 Answers

Haha, funny girl. Welcome to the CG world! I'm fairly new myself and have the best curls underneath as well! :/ You mentioned the DC towel. Are you using DC products? I have not had great luck with them. They make my hair feel dry and product-y and kind of dirty on 2nd day hair. I have fine hair, can't tell if your is similar or not to mine but so far I like V05 Pomegranate conditioner as my co-wash and Shea Moisture Superfruit shampoo when I need more cleansing. I just discovered LA Looks cheapy gel (it's a CG favorite) and I mixed it with Tresemme Extra Firm hold gel (which is not firm hold) to soften it just slightly. This has given me the best hold so far. I let it air dry and then SOTC (scrunch out the crunch). Often when I did that with other gels it became so soft that my curls/waves drooped as the day wore on. Not so with he LA Looks. I have been experimenting with what I like on my hair before the gel in terms of moisture/curl enhancement, etc. I plan on trying Curl Keeper but so far have Kinky Curly Knot Today and Kinky Curly Curling Custard as well as Giovanni Direct Leave In conditioner. I don't use them all, LOL but haven't decided what is my fave combo yet. I do plan on sticking with the gel and the shampoo/co-wash. And for my rinse out conditioner I like Swanson Vitamin 90% Argan conditioner (online) or GVP Conditioning Balm (another CG favorite) from Sally (huge bottle for $7). Hope that helps! Welcome onboard! :)
Here I am in week four of my transition...I got my first Curly Girl stylist haircut and cried tears of joy. Debbi was amazing, and aside from giving me an amazing cut, she taught me how to style, which products to use, and wrote everything down on my Curlscription so it's easy to follow. The first two pics are second-day hair, the third is my third day hair. I'm excited to be seeing my routine pay off, and my cherub curls (hair I always wished I had!!!) emerge. I have years of damage to undo, but it's getting better.