what is my curl pattern??

My hair is not an S shape or coily it is more of a wavy/S mix but the only representation of what I think my type would be classified as is a caucasian woman which is the exact opposite of what my hair is doing it is frizzy and does shrink but i can make out the curl pattern... I need help I am about to go to college and I need to figure this out before I'm stuck with a months supply of products that don't help.

3 Answers

This picture is super saturated. To help identify your s's and waves use the LOIS system. That'll help you more than the whole andre walker 2a-4c thing lol. That being said, I cant help with this pic because it is too saturated. I cant really see anything. If you upload another pic in better quality or closer up to  your hair I can help :).*tip*: after a fresh wash and condition make sure your hair is fully air dried and just do a close up.
I agree with Chelle.White on the saturation of the photo and the use of LOIS system vs the Andre walker's system. I'll also add that, in terms of products, I'd focus more on hair porosity, strand thickness, hair texture and hair density. Curl patterns are more helpful when considering what styles you'll wear vs what products you should use.
a closer picture just after a shower..