what is my curl pattern??

My hair is not an S shape or coily it is more of a wavy/S mix but the only representation of what I think my type would be classified as is a caucasian woman which is the exact opposite of what my hair is doing it is frizzy and does shrink but i can make out the curl pattern... I need help I am about to go to college and I need to figure this out before I'm stuck with a months supply of products that don't help.

1 Answer

Is your hair wet in this picture? Unfortunately, if it is, you can't receive a proper hair type :\ Curl pattern should be determined on completely dried hair in a wash and go style. I would have assume your hair was in the type 4 range, but it is possible that you have type type 2 (2c?) that you describe, but with a different hair texture. For your particular hair type, I'd try identification with the LOIS system over the Andre Walker system as your hair definitely has an S shape and a texture other than silky - I'd say cottony based on the frizz.Also, for product searching, I'd definitely recommend looking into porosity and strand thickness. Curl pattern is usually more relevant when determining styles, sometimes for determining if a product will be too heavy (though strand thickness seems more effective).