Which curl pattern do i have?

The inner layer around my neck is something like 3C, but the exterior is like 2B... When i wash it, it can't get soaked (really weird) it only gets a little flatter but the water just can't really get trough, only when i've put conditioner in and combed it its flat, as soon as i rinse it gets frizzy again. While it's drying it looks like 3B, but when it's dry it's extremely frizzy, big and very light, no matter what product i use. Products easily get to compact, like gels and most creams, and just a little bit leaves my hair crunchy and sticky. I have followed the curly girl method for almost 2 years, and it just doesn't seem to work... :(

2 Answers

First of all, love your hair color! Second, your hair looks like it might be a type 4, maybe type 4b or 4c, since you said it looks 3b when it is wet.  I'm no hair expert, but it looks like it might be a 4b/c. 
you look you have type 3 and 4 hair and you need to CLARIFY and DEEP CONDITION. your hair is frizzy and it is most likely due to build up from doing the CG Method for such a long period of time (it's not for every one). It also sound like you have high porosity check out the hair types tab on here for tips on how to manage it