Do curls get bigger?

I've heard of this before and I wanted know know if anyone has experienced their curls getting bigger as their hair grows, if this has happened to you, how small were they and how big are they now?

2 Answers

No, that just depends on your hair type. Bigger, looser but still obviously present curls are mostly type 3a. Type 3b has much tighter curls etc etc. If someone has experienced this then it could be that they have a multi typed curl pattern or it could be that the lenght is weighing their hair down causing the curls on the canopy to stretch and look bigger and/or looser.
Mine do. I cant say how big because its hard to tell what is heat damage and whats not. But if i take a strand of shed hair i know where the damage ends and where the healthy hair begins. Just speaking of the healthy part its always smaller where its just come out of my head and then the curls get bigger. And its not from the weight of the lenght of my hair because its shed hair. Nothing is weighing it down. Ive also seen quite a few ladies that have this . Ive seen quite a few who's curls are smaller at the roots. I think it just depends on the person. Ive also seen looser curls that are tighter near the ends. I have random curls like that too. I can even post a pic