Curls are changing?

I'm an 18 year old male. Only 10 minutes ago I googled "curly hair forum" & instantly signed up looking for an answer for this haha.My fathers black & my mothers white. When I was younger, my curls were loose, as most mixed children's hair are. They got much tighter throughout my adolescence years. When dry, I could even twist them up. Ya know, typical player cut. I'm a baller, don't judge lol. Now I'm 18 and my curls are really kinky. It's never been like this. I can't twist it anymore because it's already twisted. I only use olive oil. Have been for years. Is there anything I can do about it? It's not a big deal but I'm curious why this is happening and why. Are they getting tighter? P.S. I didn't even know what curl types were! What's mine?

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