Are my curls changing patterns? (o.O)7

Alright, I know my curls are rebels, they do whatever they want, they don't obey me, I obey them lol! I thought I only had 3c hair but after the big chop, I found out I have multiple curl patterns (3b, 3c, 4a) What confuses me is the fact that when I'm in the shower, I clearly see all my curls, well defined even after the shower, and it's not because they're weighed down by water because when they're weighed down the curls are way looser, but once they're completely air dried, they are not as defined as they were when wet and damp. Some parts stay curly, others don't. I noticed they are defined only if I put a bit of product in them, but sometimes, I'm too lazy to section that hair and apply a gel or a moisturizer (my arm hurts lol 'cause it takes time) so when I don't apply anything or I don't section them, especially on cloudy days, my hair looks more like a fro than curly. I don't mind the fro at all though, I'm actually thankful for it and happy because I consider it a blessing being able to achieve a fro whenever I want but, I also want to embrace my curls but where I live is pretty rainy/humid. Is it caused by frizz? I'm still getting to know my hair so, any help will be much appreciated <3 xoxo

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Not applying any product at all could lead to a few things.... it could be humidity that makes your hair frizzy, your hair (while it does have a curl pattern) might just also be frizzy, or it could be that your hair lacks moisture. Usually, the last one is kind of the easiest to deal with...but not if you're lazy. You might want to get into the habit of applying a leave-in (and sealant) to keep the hair moisturized. Considering it might just be like that, you may also need a gel regardless. One product that seems like it'd be good to try is the curl enhancing smoothie by Shea Moisture. It's moisturizing, has some oil in it so it ~kind of~ seals itself (it's probably easier for it to do that if you have low porosity hair) and it does help define curls - though not as much and maybe not as long as a gel. Frizz.... hat's kind hard. If it's frizzy, you might wanna just follow the steps for moisture since you want to get maximum clumping from your hair. Plus, most people say frizz is caused by a lack of moisture since moisture can help promote clumping. Humidity.... that's the hardest since you have no real control over that. I'd just have to recommend you keep using your gel for maximum power against nature lol