Curly in the back, straight in the front, how do I fix this?

My hair is just past my boobs. It only curls when it's below my ears ("straight" on top, curly on bottom), but there are lots of them. It's like I scrunched my hair when it's wet but I didn't. Anyway, I get all sorts of curls in the back and on the top layers, but the bottom layer in the back where it touches my neck and all of the front that frames my face is straight!I'm a very natural girl. I stopped coloring my hair (Manic Panic) 5+ years ago and I only use a hot tool once a month. I have to use some sort of dandruff shampoo which is a little harsh but I do use conditioner. I need to know WHY is the front doing this? I've tried lots of things; less conditioner, more conditioner, leaving conditioner in for different amounts of time, partitioning my hair so the straight parts aren't touching the curly parts (I thought the top layer was holding the bottom layer back/down so that it couldn't curl as it dried), and nothing works. Not only that but it won't hold curls when I do use a curling iron! I've just started to get SO annoyed that I'm not trying to make it look similar. It's driving me crazy that I'm thinking about just cutting it all off and starting from scratch. PLEASE HELP. Thanks.

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