Cut & product suggestions

hello curlies (: I am unsure of my exact hair type but I'm sure it would be considered a mix of curls and waves. It's big and relativly long....but my curls don't begin right at my roots.....especially not on my crown. Anyway, I am looking for a cut or product that will enhance my already curly big hair. Anything to make it curlier and bigger (: after straigtnening and slicking my hair back for years growing up I now compleatly embrace and love my bountiful mane. I am looking for something to give me more layers now are bleh. I have been cutting my own hair for about two years so I really need to know what to ask for when I see a professional.I will attach pictures of my hair right now....I would really appreciate your suggestions!THANKYOU! ♡♡♡

1 Answer

curly kinky knot today made my hair super curly! You should try it . As for the hair cut,  I'm not sure either, my mom cuts my hair. You have beautiful hair!