Damaged hair after bleach/dye, natural curls gone, which hairtype do i have?

Hello, I am new at this site, and I really need help! I'm 17 years old and my natural hair is dark brown with beautiful curls (which i hated when I was around 11-12 so I straightened it for about a year, until I realized my curls were gorgeous)I have dyed my hair in many years, always a chocolate brown cause the sun always made my hair a light brown. About 2 years ago i started bleaching it to make it white, I had to bleach it around 6-8 time. When it became winter I dyed it chocolate brown again and my hair was okay, the curls got a little tighter after the bleach but I liked it. When it became summer again I wanted it light, bleached it about 6 times and after that I dyed it purple, and 2 month later blue. I had to cut my hair to around shoulder length because it kept breaking. When the winter came I dyed it brown again (surprise I know) and as usually I decided to bleach it light when spring came. So here I am, blue hair and shoulder length. My hair hates me and it breaks and feels like hay. I straighten it a lot because every morning it looks like a bush. The day i wash it it feels okay, but the next day it is all stiff and kinda oily, you can take a strand right in the air, and it keeps pointing up after you let go.I want to know which hair type I have, and what u can do to get my curls and heathy hair back.I have attached some pics, the one in the blue shirt is from 2012 and the other with dark hair is 2013, my hair looked like that if I washed it in the morning, no products or anything.Then a photo of how it looks today after morning shower, so it's a little wet still, and the last is some hours later when my hair is completely dry.Sorry for my English I'm from Europe :)

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