How to determine my hair type? I want to buy products better suited for my type.

2 Answers

it's best to know what ingredients are good and bad in order for you to make good choices. i am not here to promote brands..... it's best to avoid products that contain silicones, sulfates, parabens and are either heavy, slimy, greasy or oily to the touch. my blog covers this in details.....
If you would like to know your hair type, I would say you need to wait a little longer. Kind of too early to tell. Usually around the 6th month of growth you start getting a great idea of what you're really working with. If I had too guess though, I would say maybe a 4b, 4a range. Again too early to completely tell though. As far as products go, like he said ^ stay away from sulfates and harmful ingredients like that. Drys out your hair. Only use if you have product buildup as a "clarifying" shampoo every once in awhile. CONDITIONER, heat protection, and moisturizing is like insanely important during your transition. macadamia deep conditioning (comes in green  and brown round bottle) and eden jojoba deep repair conditioner are my favorite. lotta body for moisture is a must have as well. Well for me haha.