Are there different types of each type?

 So, you know how there's 4c hair but couldn't there be different types of 4c hair?There may be people who are close to 4b than someone who is also 4c but is further away from being 4b. Is this possible or does everyone just have 1 hairtype completely?

1 Answer

Hi, well if you take two persons with 4c hair, or any type of hair in general, there's a lot of factors besides texture that could make it look very different from one person to another : density (if you have a lot of hair strands on your head or lesser), width (whether each individual strand of hair tends to be coarse or fine), porosity (refers to how easily your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture), the length of the hair, the way the person styles it, whether it's damaged or not, if the hairs tend to gather into bigger or smaller or no clumps at all ... (I mean even my own hair tends to be quite different looking if I cut it short or if it's longer because the longer it is the more heavy it gets so the curls are looser they clump into bigger sections but I'd still be considered 3b either way)Click here to read an article all about that. If you'd want to be very precise, there would be almost as much curls types as there is curly heads, maybe even more because a hair type can change over time through your life. Each hair is different and has it's own way to react to different factors. If there were only as much curl realities as there is categories between 2a to 4c that would be way less fun.