What is this disaster?

After years of heat, my once curly hair is now this. I'm thinking 2b? Yes? No? Any suggestions to revive my curls?

1 Answer

Hello, don't worry you will Be able to get them back, I dyed and straighten my hair for a year so it was like straw, but it's heathy again now, first of all chop off your ends as if they're damaged and cannot curl the rest of your hair will also have trouble curling, then try a protein treatment as this could be why your hair isn't curling as well. You should definitely invest in sulphate free, and moisturising products, also be sure to seal in the moisture with coconut or any natural oil or a decent leave in, you should also try  plopping or plunking your hair in a micro-fibre towel or cotton tee shirt as this will really enhance curls and volume, hope this helps!