Does anyone else have experience with hair turning from straight to curly?

Whether during puberty or through pregnancy. My mother went from pin straight to what I'd say is 3A to 3B curls when she was an older teenager, and for most of my life my hair was stick straight up until a couple years ago it started to have a little wave and now it's starting to spiral, I'm a mix of 2B and 2C (mainly just because of how inconsistent my hair decides to be in certain parts!!!) now, and getting curlier by the day! It's very confusing! Does anyone else have experience with this sort of hair transformation?

2 Answers

I totally experienced this! I've had wavy hair for all my life until I started to turn 12. I'm 15 now and my hairs super curly. It's really weird but cool! I guess puberty kinda did it for me
Hi, My hair was wavy at most when I was younger, and when I hit middle school it started to curl. By freshman year my hair was at 3A-3B. Must have been hormones, because neither of my parents have curly hair. Hope this helps!-curlyheadbri