Why does the hair at the front of my head grow out straight when everywhere else it is 4c?

my hair is a mess! I did my big chop about 3 years ago and don't flat iron or straighten it too often but for some reason, the front has no curl definition whatsoever. I'm 4c all around but my hair all around the front half of my head grows straight...almost like it's heat damaged and won't revert back to its natural state. I haven't used a chemical on it in years...I've chopped it off and let it grow back and still nothing. Why won't it grow afrolike along with the rest of my crown?! :

1 Answer

Have you used heat? If so, you're probably heat damaged. Everytime you used heat, you can get heat damage, even if you did it only once. Notice how your new growth is significantly curlier the ends. I recommend big chopping or transitioning while evening out your hair.