why does my hair start out curly and seem to relax before the end of the day

When I wash and style my hair I use a curl defining frizz creme and mousse. My hair starts off somewhat curly but by the end of the day it seems to just sort of wave instead. Why does it do this and how can I classify my curl type? The picture is after its dried and has lost some curl.

2 Answers

First find out what your real curl is by 1. After your hair is fully dry take a curly and pull it down till it can go no more without stretching the actual curl then leave your fingers to wear it went to and then let go, take a ruler and measure the length of the spring. This is called the Spring Factor. After your done, look up curly spring factor of - so many inches- on Google and it should say what curl type you have.Does your hair change with the seasons? It could appear more straighter in the winter and curlier in the summer. That happens to mine alot.
i would try different products with more moisture and curl defining abilities. It's a lot of trial and error with curly hair products. I tend to buy a few new products all at once and have to them figure out which one did the wonderful work on my curls. Kind backwards, I know but I get so excited about my new finds! My first guess would be to try a stronger gel.