does your hair texture change from when you have a inch long??

2 Answers

There are a few reasons that the hair may change after a big chop.. A lot of people experience ta time in which the hair is "in shock" in which it may appear looser, tighter, with less definition, etc. than it would over time. This seems to happen mostly in cases where someone cuts their hair when their relaxed hair had significantly more length than there curls. Additionally, as the hair grows out, it gains weight which may cause it to loosen or seem looser, sometimes maybe just decreasing  the amount on shrinkage that you have. Others may describe their hair looking more like another pattern (usually the one ahead of their previously thought one) as it grows longer, but if curls don't get bigger it's just the weight acting on the shrinkage.Plus, there's just that when the hair is a little longer, it may be easier to see your curl pattern without having to pull/stretch/hold it manually. Since curl pattern isn't supposed to be decided on stretched hair, it may turn out that you curl pattern is different then previously guessed or that you may have more than one type.Non-time related reasons per se, curl pattern and texture (since they're different things, technically) may also change due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, diet, certain illnesses, vitamin deficiencies, just getting older sometimes, etc. Not to mention heat, chemical, and mechanical damage.Here are some talks some women have had about it:, when I BC'ed my nape most parts of it were very loose, in shrinkage and pattern, but they've all tightened up after a few months. Now they're about 5-6 inches long and 4a.
Also, I answered your question via messenger on curltalk too. I decided to tell you here cause I'm not sure if you check it frequently, 'cause I have a bad habit of not doing so.